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located in the heart of the central mountain range, mungyeong is a mountain town with rich history and culture. The town has a good mix of agricultural area and city, and has been a popular destination for the tourists for its breathtaking scenery, the history which dates back to prehistoric time, and the cultural assets found throughout the region the town is part of.

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  • The Gyeongcheon Reservoir
    Even before the Gyeongcheon Dam was constructed the river was
    a popular destination for many fishermen. After the dam was completed
    the famous Gyeongcheon Reservoir was formed, and it is still a popular site
    for the fishermen and for summer getaway. The reservoir is situated high
    on the Mungyeong mountain range, and is well known for its natural
    beauty—perfect for the tourists who visit the place to enjoy water ski
    and other water sport activities.
    The Gyeongcheon Reservoir
  • The Bong’amsa-Baekundae Mountain Stream

    Enter the Bong’amsa temple gate and walk about 700 meters, and you will be
    greeted by the Bong’amsa Baekudae mountain stream flows through large
    beds of rock. The water and the rock here have the color of jade,
    so the stream is also called Okseokdae, which translates to
    “jade rock stream.” This stunning site is open to the public only one day
    of the year—on the Buddah’s birthday.

    The Bong’amsa-Baekundae Mountain Stream
  • The Saejae Mountain Stream

    The Saejae Mountain Stream flows along the Mungyeongsaejae Path,
    through the three gates of Jugeul-gwan, Jogok-gwan, and Joryeong-gwan.
    The stream is famous for its stunning scenery and is a popular tourist
    destination in Korea.

    The Saejae Mountain Stream
  • The Seonyu-dong Mountain Stream
    The Seonyu-dong Mountain Stream is famous for its absolutely clear water.
    The rocks in this stream are flat and exquisitely cut, as if they are purposely
    made that way by man.
    The Seonyu-dong Mountain Stream
  • The Ssang-yong Mountain Stream

    According to the legend, a dragon and the celestial fairies have come
    down here to take a bath. The stream sits 4 kilometers into the
    Dojang mountain bank. The stream is visible from the entrance of STX Resort.

    The Ssang-yong Mountain Stream
  • The Yongchu Mountain Valley

    The two-layer Yongchu Cataract pour water to the Yongchu Mountain Valley.
    The legend tells a story of two dragons that have ascended to heaven
    from this valley, and the tourists can observe the marks left by dragon
    scales on the rocks.

    The Yongchu Mountain Valley
  • Jin’nam Gyoban

    Praised by many to be the most beautiful place among the eight views of
    Gyeongbuk province, Jin’nam Gyoban is famous for its bizzare rock
    formations and the rock cliff.

    Jin’nam Gyoban
  • The Songnisan National Park(1,058m above sea level)

    The Songnisan Mountain was designated as a national park in Korea in
    March 1970. Located in the heart of Korean peninsula, this rocky mountain
    spans across two provinces (from Chungcheongbuk-do to
    Gyeongsangbuk-do) and includes four municipalities.

    The mountain is a home for a thousand years for the Beobjusa Temple, and
    has many legends and tourist attractions across the mountain.

    The Songnisan National Park is only fifteen minutes drive from STX Resort,
    and the hike to Munjangdae (1,033m above the sea level) is easy
    and leisurely.

    Inquiries (82)43-542-5267, ext. 5268

    The Songnisan National Park(1,058m above sea level)
  • Juheul Mountain (1,106m above sea level)

    Korea Forest Service has named Juheul Mountain one of “the 100 great mountains of Korea.” The mountain faces
    Joryeong Mountain, with the Yeongnam Inter-province Road dividing the two mountains; and the mountain includes
    the famous Mungyeongsaejae, the pathway to Yeongnam Inter-province Road system.

    Mountain Trail Course A

    Mungyeongsaejae Gate 1 > Haeguk Temple > the Daegwolteo > Neungseon > the summit > the mountain stream
    at Mungyeongsaejae Gate 2 > Mungyeongsaejae Gate 2 (a 4-hour walk)

    Mountain Trail Course B

    Mungyeongsaejae Gate 1 > Haeguk Temple > the Daegwolteo > Neungseon > the summit > the Juheulyeong-bong Summit > the Bubong Summit > the East Gate > the North Gate > the Mapaebong Summit >
    Mungyeongsaejae Gate 3 (7.5-hour walk)

  • Hwangjang Mountain (1,077m above sea level)

    The Korean term “hwangjangmok” in translates to great yellow pine tree, and Hwangjang Mountain is famous of its yellow
    pine tree forest as its name suggests. These pine trees are tough and don’t crack easily—the Koreans have traditionally
    used these trees to build palaces, the coffin for the royal, and ships.

    Mountain Trail Course A

    Ansaengdal > Gwangsan > the Jageunchagatjae heliport > the summit > the Hwangjang heliport > Jakseong >
    The Totem Pole at Bang’gok-ri (a 5.5-hour walk)

    Mountain Trail Course B

    Ansaengdal > Gwangsan > Jageunchagatjae heliport > the summit > the Hwangjangjae heliport > the Chima Rock >
    the 926 Heights > Beoljae (a 6-hour walk)

  • Daeya Mountain (930m above sea level )

    The rock summits and strange rock formations along the ridge create a view that is simply magnificent. Named by
    Korea Forest Service as one of the 100 great mountains of Korea.

    Recommended hiking course

    The Beolbawi Bus Stop > Yongchu > Wolyeongdae > Miljae > the summit > Gunpok > Piagol-Wolyeongdae >
    Yongchu (a 5-hour hike)

  • The Undal Valley
    The water flowing in the Undal Valley is ice cold even in the hottest day of summer. A perfect summer getaway.


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