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STX Resort Room Information.

deluxe room 92.39 ㎡

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Your morning will be greeted by the warmth of the Mungyeong sun
and the sweet aroma of the pine trees.
The balconies are designed to let in the morning sun to enhance your mood;
and the room is designed to let in the air to keep you feel refreshed.

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E-mail : futurez@packagekorea.com

  • In-room facilities Twin bed (1) + living room
    and a kitchen + bathroom (1)
  • Room furnishings and amenities TV set, refrigerator, electric outlets,
    hot pot, microwave oven,
    electric rice cooker, basic
    kitchen utensils, bidet, hair dryer,
    soap, and more
  • Location 2F to 9F(total 108 rooms)


509, Cheongwa-ro, Nongam-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Business Registration Number : 104-86-11583
Representative Officer : Kim Kae-Jung
Privacy Administrator : Yang Jae-Ho


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Reservation information : 054-460-5400
Group reservation : 02-311-9422,3


STX Resort aims to bring you the first-class quality service to enhance the quality of your life.

STX Resort Room Info


01 Checking in and out

STX Resort Room Info
Items Check-in Check-out
Time 14:00
(If planning to check in after 21:00,
please call the reception desk
(Additional charges may apply
if checking out after 11:00)

Please have your reservation number
and membership card ready at the
reception desk. Fill in the guest card,
and your room will be assigned
for you.

For your fast check-out, please inspect your room before checking out. Turn in the room inspection card you have been given when you checked in to the receptionist.


① To preserve the members’ privilege, guests are to present their valid ID card
    or passport, or any other valid proof of identity at the time of check-in.
    If the guest checking in is not the member himself or herself, the Member’s
    Introduction Pricing will apply.
② If staying after the agreed check-out time, additional charges may occur
    to your bill.
③ For next visiting guests, please be kind to have the dish washed
    in the kitchen and take out your own garbage. Failure to comply
    with this condition will incur additional cleaning charges to your bill.

02 Room capacity

Room capacity
Items Deluxe Suite
Up to three guests
(based on one bedding set)
Up to six guests
(based on two bedding sets)

① If the number of guests using the room exceeds the room’s capacity and the
    guests are older than 12, an extra charge of KRW 15,000 per guest
    (VAT included) will be applied.
② If you need additional bedding sets please call the extension 5400(the
    reception desk) or the extension 5200(house keeping). KRW 15,000 per
    bedding set will be charged to your bill in addition to the charges
    described above.

03 Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations
Items note

Hazardous goods such
as portable gas stove,
gas cylinders, inflammable
fuels, firearms, etc.
in the resort premises by
guests is strictly prohibited

To prevent fire hazard, guests are prohibited from using
portable gas stove and other and other personal heating
device to cook. Cooking on the balcony is also prohibited.
A guest will be asked to leave the room if found committed
any of the regulations above. Do not throw the cigarette
butts off the balcony.

Using cooking facilities

Guests are asked to refrain from preparing any meal that
can produce strong odors such as the bacon, grilled fish,
curry dish, and the cheonggukjang.
These dish can leave odors that are difficult to remove.

Room cleaning and
taking out the garbage

Before checking yourself out, please throw away your own
garbage down the garbage chute located on each floor.
Also at the time of check-out, please have the dish washed
and leave the room as you found it at the time of check-in.
Failure to comply with this condition will incur additional
cleaning charge to your bill.

Destruction and relocation
of the room items and

Any damage to the room and the room’s fixtures, fittings,
and furnishings will be the responsibility of the guest and
will be charged accordingly.

Wearing the in-room
slippers outside of the room

The slippers are for in-room use only. Guests are not allowed
to wear the slippers outside of the room, including the lobby.

Causing disruption
of the peace and
comfort of other guests

Please refrain from making loud noise, especially at late hours,
which may disrupt the peace and comfort of other guests.

Pets are not allowed

In the interest of safety and hygiene, and in consideration
for other guests, pets are not allowed in the resort premises.

Valuables must be kept
in the safe at the
reception desk

Please leave your valuables in the safety deposit box
at the front desk. STX Resort is not responsible for any losses
not kept in the safe.

Lost and found

The housekeeper keeps all lost items; and at your request,
the lost item will be sent to you by parcel at your cost,
after a verification of the ownership.