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apply for membership | Become an STX Resort member today.

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becoming a member at STX Resort is easy. just follow the steps below.

  1. step.01 Inquire abou membership
  2. step.02 Apply for Membership
  3. step.03 Put down a deposit
  4. step.04 Sign the contract
  5. step.05 You’re assigned a membership number and a membership card
  6. step.06 Sign in on line


01 Inquire about getting the membership
Make inquiries on line, by phone, or by walk-in. You can even have one of
our representatives visit you.
Determine which product best suits you and how many accounts
you want in your membership at this time.
02 Apply for Membership
Fill out the membership application and send it via fax or by mail.
03 Put down a deposit
You’re required to make 10% down payment on the membership.
You can do this by wire, or via electronic billing.
04 Sign the contract
Submit required documents and sign the contract. You’ll be asked to submit
two copies of the contract, a copy of your resident registration or
business registration, and the photos for you and other members in the account.
05 Issuance of membership card and number
You’ll be issued a membership card with your name on it; or a corporate membership card if you’re a corporate member.
06 Sign in on line
Sign in on the STX Resort home page to access STX Resort on-line services. Inquire online now

bank account for deposit

nonghyup bank, acct no. 317-0000-8346-41, account holder : call (82)54-460-5400~2 * if you have any questions.

* Make the deposit only to STX Resort bank account; or through electronic billing.
   The remainder of the balance is paid via electronic billing only.

* When making the deposit, make sure the depositing account bears the actual
   name of the account holder. For any reason if the name of the person making the
   is different from the membership holder’s name, please notify STX Resort.

documents to prepare

Corporate membership
- Application form
- Corporate seal and the presentation of seal
- A copy of business registration
- A copy of corporate authentication certificate
- Deposit slip
Corporate membership
- Application form
- Personal seal
- A copy of resident registration
- Deposit slip


509, Cheongwa-ro, Nongam-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Business Registration Number : 104-86-11583
Representative Officer : Kim Kae-Jung
Privacy Administrator : Yang Jae-Ho


Call us today
Reservation information : 054-460-5400
Group reservation : 02-311-9422,3


STX Resort aims to bring you the first-class quality service to enhance the quality of your life.