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rates | Information about the rates for staying at STX Resort.



room rates

(In KRW; VAT included; price based on one-night stay)
room rates
items The Deluxe The Suite The Royal Suite
Membership rates Off-season Weekdays 60,000 90,000 110,000
Weekends 75,000 105,000 125,000
Peak season Weekdays 75,000 110,000 150,000
Weekends 75,000 110,000 115,000
membership rates
Off-season Weekdays 115,000 175,000 300,000
Weekends 165,000 225,000 350,000
Peak season Weekdays 190,000 250,000 350,000
Weekends 220,000 280,000 400,000

* Peak season : Mid July to mid August every year; Off-season : The rest days of the year.

* Weekends : Fridays, Saturdays, and the day immediately before a national
   holiday; weekdays: the days not defined in “Weekends.”

* Membership rates : the room rates for membership holders.

* Introductory membership rates : the room rates for the guests who stay at the condo by invitations
from membership holders.

* Weekend stays are offered free breakfast for two.
   (These definitions are subject to change in the future)

cleaning fee (if you checked out leaving the room unreasonably messy)

(In KRW; VAT included)
cleaning fee (if you checked out leaving the room unreasonably messy)
Applicable for Housekeeping Cleaning fee
Free of charge Kitchen area Linen The whole room
Non-members - 8,000 10,000 15,000 20,000
One free cleaning
per a four-night
Dish washing;
taking out the trash
Bed sheet
Cleaning the
whole room
For the guests
who fail to meet the
basic cleaning
  • * If you need your room cleaned, call housekeeping at ext. 5200.
  • * The above fees are subject to change. Please check the fees before you check in by calling (82)54-460-5000.


(In KRW; VAT included)
Items Fee
Admission Adult Child
15,000 10,000
Swimming suit rental 2,000
Sweatsuit rental 2,000
Locker key (in case of loss) 10,000
  • * “Child” is anyone older than 3 and under 13.
  • * The members get 30% discount off the price listed above.
karaoke box
(In KRW; VAT included)
karaoke box
Items Fee
Small 30,000
Mid-size 50,000
Large 90,000
  • * Per 60 minutes
  • * The members get 20% discount off the price listed above.
basketball court/foot volleyball court
  • Free of charge (call the front desk at ext. 5400 for inquiries)
business center (4F)
  • Free of charge (call the front desk at ext. 5400 for inquiries)
the zip-line
  • Pricing not available yet. Scheduled to be in operation by late 2011.
la cena
(In KRW; VAT included)
la cena Fee info
Meal Menu Price (KRW)
Breakfast Porridge of the day 12,000
Dried pollack and tofu soup 13,000
Continental breakfast 15,000
European breakfast 13,000
Brunch/Lunch A bowl of rice with assorted mountain
herbs and vegetables
Authentic soybean stew
(the Korean-style miso soup)
Pork kimchi stew 15,000
Mungyeong pork roast and soybean stew 25,000
Short rib stew (beef) 30,000
Smoked salmon salad 15,000
Seafood pasta 19,000
Seafood cream pasta 17,000
Capricciosa pizza 18,000
BLT 13,000
Bar snack and appetizers Seasoned shell fish in vegetable salad 30,000
Assorted fruitsAssorted fruits 35,000
Seafood pancake 19,000
café terrace
(In KRW; VAT included)
café terrace Fee info
Meal Menu Price (KRW)
Side dishes Chicken/Pizza 18,000
Fried potatoes 20,000
Ham and cheese 35,000
Assorted sausage 35,000
Drinks Coffee 6,000
Café Latte 6,000
Omija fruit tea 7,000
Bottled Beer 6,000


509, Cheongwa-ro, Nongam-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Business Registration Number : 104-86-11583
Representative Officer : Kim Kae-Jung
Privacy Administrator : Yang Jae-Ho


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